Our technology, security and expertise produce more effective, lower cost statements and other mailings.

Here’s how:

Are you generating, processing and mailing statements, invoices, transactional and marketing information when it’s not your core competency? Partnering with SourceOne Out put Technologies reduces the time, effort and costs of producing, managing and mailing your data-driven documents. We do it better so you don’t have to think about it.

SourceOne Output Technologies is a full-service provider of data-driven document processing and distribution services. We serve:

  • Healthcare providers and administrators
  • Insurance underwriters and benefit administrators
  • Financial services such as banks, credit unions and investment brokers
  • Publicly held and municipal utilities
  • Governmental agencies

If your company falls into one of these categories or generates large amounts of data-driven communication such as invoices, statements, checks, certificates of insurance, contracts or similar transactional output, SourceOne Output Technologies can help.

We provide secure data transmission as well as in-house data processing and composition. We generate, sort and mail statements, invoices, collection and other confidential or standard transactional documents. We do it faster and more accurately while reducing your costs, errors and labor requirements. We accept data in virtually any format whenever you wish, such as on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We can get your documents produced and distributed in record time, improving your bottom line!

Our products are based on data. But our value is based on people.