Financial Institutions

financialSourceOne participates in SSAE-16 auditing protocol which requires independent audits and on-going due diligence.

Secure data transmissions are via encrypted FTP. All documents are appended with barcodes for multiple camera driven inserting ensuring exact match.  All inserters include both input and output verification.

Banks, Credit Unions, Mortgage companies and other financial institutions typically generate significant volumes of client communication.

If your organization requires timely, secure, mission critical financial documents processed and mailed, our highly trained data engineers and staff will ensure the job is done on time and without error. 

  • Statements, invoices and customer communication go out quickly and at a much lower cost
  • Barcoded process ensures accurate insertion
  • Send custom messages to only specific people using our intelligent insertion capabilities
  • Your statement mailings can include promotions about new services
  • We can also handle your privacy notices and other critical communications
  • Save money on postage and supplies
  • Eliminate your equipment headaches
  • Maximize your core competency by putting your staff to work on productive projects that bring value to your customers and members
  • Save money and simplify your internal operation by outsourcing


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