Why Direct Mail?

Because there’s no SPAM filter in your mail box.

Consumers Prefer Direct Mail to help with Purchases
Americans Say Mail Is More Personal Than The Internet
CMOs Think Custom Content is the Future of Marketing
Consumers Still Check Their Mailboxes

Direct Mail is personal. It is tangible.  Your prospect must touch and view the mail.  It makes an impression. That image, whether it is a logo or special offer, resides in the memory of the consumer to be recalled when the he or she is shopping at a store or online.

Direct Mail creates top of mind awareness – a fundamental goal of advertising. The power of Direct Mail is undeniable. Because others have taken the electronic road – there’s less competition in the maibox. It’s no wonder that companies using direct mail are therefore seeing better responses.

Maybe you’re just starting the process and unsure about what type of piece to mail? Our creative team will help you design a piece that will make your prospect respond.

We have access to over 50,000 lists, selectable by just about every demographic imaginable.

Take the personal route – Direct Mail. Sometimes the road less traveled is the more profitable one.


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