Finishing & Fullfillment

Fast and bulletproof systems for managing your order from receipt to shipment.

For clients that wish to maintain complete control over their valuable sales collateral materials, our Fulfillment & Distribution division handles all of the leg work in professionally storing, order-taking, and shipping out your materials on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to your clients or sales offices.  Other clients use us to get information to prospective clients quickly that come from their marketing inquiries or leads, thus not bogging down internal staff with these time-consuming but critical tasks.

PICK/PACK/SHIP –  Our order processing system is designed to ensure a high rate of accuracy in the pick/pack/ship process.  Direct links from order entry to computerized shipping system practically eliminates shipping errors.  A full range of carriers are available to meet any shipping need.

CUSTOM REPORTING AND PROGRAMMING AVAILABLE – A multitude of reports are available such as Reorder Points, Product Usage, Product History, Inventory Transaction and more.

WEB BASED ORDERING AND REPORTING – Hosted on our own servers, including a shopping cart and order entry system, email confirmations of orders, and on-line inventory status checking.


‘Kitting’ handwork to assemble a variety of types of kits.

In summary, we can provide one-time, one-shot distribution and/or full turnkey fulfillment systems.  Let us take the hassle out of distributing your materials and lower your costs at the same time.

Learn how we saved Komen-Arkansas more than $15,000 on fulfillment!


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