Third Party Administrators (TPA)

thirdpartyYou’re in business to provide a service — not operate a printing and mailing business.

But you’re probably funding a printing and mailing operation, even if it’s not a core competency – drawing precious internal resources away from your main business.


  • Save money and simplify your internal operation by outsourcing
  • Patient friendly statements and invoices go out quickly and at a much lower cost
  • Let us produce your Coordination Of Benefits  letters, enrollment packets, Explanation Of Benefits and other member correspondence.
  • Send custom messages to only specific people using our intelligent insertion capabilities
  • Your statement mailings can include promotions about new services
  • We can also handle your privacy notices and other critical communications
  • Save money on postage and supplies
  • Eliminate your equipment headaches
  • Put your staff to work on productive projects that bring value to your members


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