Transactional Mail Outsourcing – Is it for you?

Outsourcing is entrusting a business process to an external service provider, providing efficiency and allowing a business to be more competitive. It’s a way to hand off a process that is important but non-core to a company that specializes in efficiently handling that very thing. When the practice is implemented effectively, it can be a powerful tool that reduces costs and eliminates headaches. 

There are a number of good reasons that over 50% of all American businesses are outsourcing the data services, printing, inserting and mailing of their transactional mail. These reasons generally revolve around lowering costs, improving operations and a recognition of the efficiency of using process experts.

What is Transactional Mail?

Transactional mail, simply put, is mail that is sent out to complete a transaction with a customer. It is mail that is sent to one individual, and as such can contain individual personal information. Common examples would be bank statements, medical invoices, property tax statements, utility bills and the like.

How Can Outsourcing Transactional Mail Help My Business?

There are three main ways that outsourcing can help you business become more efficient and more profitable.

  • Outsourcing Lowers Costs! Why hire staff to print, sort and insert your transactional mailing when instead you could save those payroll dollars or spend them on growing your business? Why purchase and maintain costly equipment? Do you use a postage meter for outgoing mail? If so, GET RID OF IT! Postage machine rental and ink costs three to eight dollars for every one thousand pieces metered.
  • Outsourcing Frees Up Time and Manpower! Use the time of the staff you have more wisely to grow your business. Removing the tedious process of transactional mailing can give your staff the gift of time, time to focus on the things they do best, the things that grow your business.
  • Outsourcing Gives You Peace of Mind! Using a business that specializes in transactional mail means specializing in a company that can guarantee:
    • Security for Your Customers Data. The strongest controls in the industry ensure that your data and documents are safe.
    • Cutting Edge Technology. The most up-to-date equipment assures your projects will move efficiently.
    • Reliability. A commitment to quality and strict workflow processes every step along the way assures you of error-free service.

We at SourceOne Output Technologies pride ourselves on our attention to quality, cost and customer satisfaction. We serve as the back office fulfillment and mailing service for many large and small organizations and would love to have the opportunity to talk to you about how we can help you see more profit, more growth and more peace of mind by outsourcing your transactional mail to our very capable hands. Please visit us at or contact us by phone at 501-374-7676.