Who We Serve

SourceOne is a full-service provider of data-driven document processing and distribution services. We serve:

  • Healthcare providers and administrators
  • Insurance underwriters and benefit administrators
  • Financial services such as banks, credit unions and investment brokers
  • Publicly held and municipal utilities
  • Governmental agencies
  • Third-party administrators
  • Small businesses

If your company falls into one of these categories or generates large amounts of data-driven communication such as invoices, statements, checks, certificates of insurance, contracts or similar transactional output, SourceOne can help.

Our technology, security and expertise produce more effective, lower cost statements and other mailings.

Here's How:
Why spend money for on-site mailroom capabilities? Why pay for printers, postage machine contracts, maintenance agreements, paper inventories? We invest in the latest technology resulting in up to fifty percent cost savings for your organization.
Deliver the right message to the right people by inserting one or more targeted marketing materials to specific customers on your mailing list. You could, for example, send new customers a special welcome letter with a newsletter while sending other selected customers a coupon or multi-page offer with the same newsletter. Take advantage of our insertion technologies to advertise additional services and build client loyalty while reducing overall costs. We design and print inserts or can accept your preprinted materials. We program, selectively insert pieces, apply the lowest cost postage for each completed piece and finally, mail it to meet your schedule.
How would your organization handle an interruption in processing due to a natural or other disaster? Have peace of mind knowing our business interruption protection guarantees you uninterrupted processing of mission critical material. We provide emergency power, redundant intranet/internet capabilities, as well as backup production equipment. SourceOne is your disaster recovery partner ensuring business continuity.
Training manuals, user guides and employee handbooks; one or one million. Using your data, we print and assemble your documents on-demand; any kind in any amount/ We finish then with ring, stitch, comb or perfect binding; single or multiple pages; color or black and while; with or without tabs. Give us your requirements and we deliver.
We have over twenty thousand square feet of secure, high-ceiling warehouse space for short-term and long-term storage of your printed material and related assets. Having this storage space lets you take advantage of higher-volume print savings. Unlike our competitors, we maintain your inventory even if it was produced elsewhere. It’s part of our commitment to total customer satisfaction.
The privacy and security of your data is sacred to us. Whether you are considering complete document outsourcing or business interruption partnering, SourceOne provides secure and encrypted data transmission, as well as internal data security in accordance with industry standards and protocols.